Digital Strategy

Every business needs to monitor its online customer satisfaction, web traffic and trends that could potentially affect sales. For the best possible results, a business should create a digital sales roadmap for successful promotion using multi-channel analysis, customer interviews, ethnographic research and other techniques; a competitive analysis could be priceless.
Thanks to digital tools and well-implemented Internet sales techniques, it's easier than ever to track crucial customer info and to incorporate data into a sales plan. A sound digital strategy is an essential part of promotion and branding, and an important technique for finding and retaining new customers.

Environmental Consulting

An environmentally conscientious approach to business is beneficial in a number of ways. A smaller carbon footprint is certainly better for the environment, but it can also resonate well with modern consumers while cutting down on some of the most common operational costs that businesses face.
Building a greener approach can be a simpler and more sustainable process with the right environmental consulting services from experienced professionals. With one-on-one workshops and customized environmental management plans, we can help your business find an environmental approach that is both functional and effective.

Online Brand Development
Online brand development is an important marketing technique that every business needs to master to ensure that online representation of a company is positive and accurate. Businesses need to improve their presentation on social media websites with custom Facebook fan pages, custom Twitter backgrounds and other detailed graphical improvements that can lend a sense of professionalism. Online branding needs to be structured and consistent for the best possible effects. When online brand development is handled correctly, it's a powerful way to encourage word-of-mouth and active responses among customers and fans.
Social Media Management
Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be powerful tools for business when activated correctly and updated on a consistent basis. However, social media management is crucial. Social media automation can be used to engage customers and improve word-of-mouth. Advertising can be shaped towards customers' interests more easily and have a better chance of going viral, which leads to enormous sales and brand visibility.
With professional techniques and an individualized, company-specific approach, we can help you find the best way to influence customers and improve your brand with smart social media management.

Our Clients


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Feb 18th, 2012
 Posted By - admin

Hamburger chain Smashburger has become a smash hit, growing from three Denver locations in 2007 to 150 outposts nationwide. And while its Angus-beef burgers and unique toppings have helped to propel its success, its secret sauce is social-media outreach.

Smashburger offers coupons and trivia contests for its 67,000 Facebook...

Jan 12th, 2012
 Posted By - admin

What message does your brand convey to socially engaged customers?

As we enter the golden age of social media, companies can no longer afford the luxury of tightly scripted, top-down messaging (e.g., “We’re the best! Take our word for it.”).
Nor can a company simply opt out and remain silent (as epitomized in Northwes...

Jan 5th, 2012
 Posted By - admin

We recently read this article and found it very interesting. It is about two competitors of the Advertising and Media industry, Zuckerberg and Graham, and how they mentor and influence each others business in profound ways. Read below and tell us what you think!

Donald Graham spends long stretches on Facebook, sharing with...

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